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GAP Mastic solves a wide array of pavement maintenance problems quickly and permanently. GAP Mastic is an economical and versatile, asphalt-based, hot-pour solution for wide cracks, cupping, depressions, alligatored areas, small potholes, open seams, and more. GAP Mastic is designed to handle traffic, snowplows, water, weather, and pedestrian travel so well that it’s easy to forget a problem ever existed.

Slab gap isolated

Gap mastic flex

GAP products contain a unique combination of high-strength aggregates and a highly flexible, polymer-modified, thermoplastic asphalt binder. This creates a flexible repair that moves with the surrounding pavement not against it.

Gap mastic drain

GAP products are second to none when it comes to adhesion. When properly installed, they create a thermal bond with the surrounding pavement, sealing out water and ensuring a long-lasting repair.

Tire track

When you combine the flexibility and superior adhesion of hot-applied sealants with the stability of high-strength, engineered aggregates, you get a repair that stays in place and greatly out-performs the pavement it is replacing for years to come.