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Pavement failures produce more than just a road hazard, they also deliver a clear warning sign that the material cannot handle the existing conditions. Replacing failed pavement with the same or similar material will only result in the same outcome. Instead, upgrade the pavement with Maxwell Products’ GAP material. GAP products combine state-of-the-art, polymer-modified, thermoplastic asphalt binders for maximum flexibility with high-strength, engineered aggregate for optimum durability and load-bearing capacity. GAP products prevent moisture infiltration of the base layers and permanently repair pavement distress beyond mere sealants, accommodating future movement and withstanding traffic loads better than the previous pavement. Don’t simply add more asphalt, upgrade and permanently repair pavement with GAP.

Asphalt upgrade

GAP Mastic solves a wide array of pavement maintenance problems quickly and permanently. GAP Mastic is an economical and versatile, asphalt-based, hot-pour solution for wide cracks, cupping, depressions, alligatored areas, small potholes, open seams, and more. GAP Mastic is designed to handle traffic, snowplows, water, weather, and pedestrian travel so well that it’s easy to forget a problem ever existed.

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