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Wide crack, void and pothole repair

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Pavement Upgraded.

To truly fix failed pavement, the repair must provide much greater flexibility and adhesion than was present in the original pavement. GAP products go far beyond traditional pavement, creating an upgraded repair designed specifically to accommodate pre-existing base defects, excess movement, and other conditions responsible for the initial pavement failure.

Asphalt upgrade

Gap mastic flex

GAP brand products employ a proprietary, thermoplastic, asphalt binder, which creates a flexible repair that moves with the surrounding pavement.

Gap mastic drain

With our proprietary inteliBond™ active-bonding technology, GAP products create a solid thermal bond with the existing pavement, sealing out water and ensuring a long-lasting repair

Tire track

GAP materials are flexible and durable, employing high-strength, engineered aggregates for a stable, impact-resistant, load-bearing repair.

GAP has been used by contractor and municipalities on roads, highways, freeways, and parking lots all across the united states and as far away as South Korea.

Flexibility and versatility

  • Developed for repairs with excessive movement.
  • Trades some load-bearing capacity for increased flexibility to accommodate expansion and contraction cycles.
  • Easy to work, feathers nicely, and can be applied thinly where necessary.
  • Designed to handle rolling traffic conditions.
  • Ideal for repairs requiring a great deal of surface coverage, such as fatigue cracking (alligator cracking), depressions, and deterioration around concrete structures (drains, manholes, gutters, etc).

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Stability and resilience

  • Developed for pavement distress requiring structural repair.
  • Trades some flexibility and versatility for greater strength and higher load-bearing capacity.
  • Employs advanced, engineered aggregates to provide long-term performance under heavy traffic conditions.
  • Designed to withstand the weight and wear of either standing or rolling traffic.
  • Ideal for larger, deep repairs including: voids, potholes/chuckholes, and full-depth pavement replacement.

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