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Misinformation is swirling all around us, in the news, on the Internet, permeating even the pavement maintenance industry. The latest #FakeNews is that Maxwell Products unique, patented PolySkinTM meltable packaging clogs melters. This is simply not true.

“Our experience has been plug-and-play. We have two Crafco EZ100s and have experienced no noticeable clogging or any other negative effects.” - Pat Mendick, Miktom, Inc., Omaha, Nebraska

PolySkin, the industry’s first (and still best) meltable packaging, does not clog or damage melters, nor does it impede agitators. In fact, PolySkin’s expanded bead construction keeps packaging afloat at the top of the melter until fully dissolved to virtually eliminate the possibility of clogging the material intake at the bottom of the melter. And because PolySkin is composed of polymers compatible with our sealants, it melts quickly and mixes thoroughly and completely into the material.

Additionally, PolySkin containers are custom molded to interlock like building blocks. This exclusive feature provides the only structural, interlocking, weather-resistant, and fully meltable container on the market. PolySkin delivers the industry’s most stable pallet, allowing for worry-free, long-term, outdoor storage and trouble-free handling on the job site. PolySkin doesn’t melt and sag in the sun, and pallets don’t topple over when the stretch wrap is removed.

“We absolutely love it. It can sit outside in the rain. Pallets don’t fall over, and it sits on the truck so nice. When we put competitor product on the truck, it slides around and moves around and ends up in pile. Sometimes, it sticks together in a chunk. You’re not going to have that problem with PolySkin.” - Brad Bargen, President, Midstates Equipment and Supply, Mountain Lake, Minnesota

Products packaged in PolySkin go directly from the pallet into the melter. (It really is that easy.) With no packaging to remove or paper waste to dispose of, workers spend less time handling material and more time applying it. No package to remove also means PolySkin requires no dangerous box cutters.

“[PolySkin] has helped us to keep a more professional image on projects by reducing the mess created by traditional, boxed crack sealant materials. It has also allowed us to reduce labor costs and increase production speed, which has been very helpful. This product was as good, if not better, than advertised, and I would highly recommend it, especially for projects where image and speed is a factor.” - Peter C. Mills, Jr., Director of Business Development, Axtell’s, Jermyn, Pennsylvania

The TRUTH About Polyskin:

  • Melts quickly

  • Saves time on the job

  • Removes the hassle and hazard of box cutters

  • Eliminates cardboard waste

  • Delivers stable, weatherproof storage

Don’t be fooled by competitors. No one else has a fully meltable packing solution quite like PolySkin. No one else has really come close. PolySkin doesn’t clog melters, and their packaging isn’t PolySkin.

Order the original, one-and-only, fully meltable packing solution, PolySkin.

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