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Maintaining a solid bond with pavement is an important feature of a successful sealant. However, when a crack opens and the sealant stretches, it is important that the force required to stretch the material is not greater than the force holding the pavement together, or the sealant will only pull more pavement loose and widen the crack. Maxwell Products’ sealants with inteliBond stretch farther with less force transferred to the crack walls, which both maintains the structural integrity of the pavement and ensures a weather-tight seal.

Simply stated, sealants with inteliBond stay put. Specialized additives migrate toward the surface of the sealant during the cool-down process to prevent active bonding in the material layer exposed to traffic. The result is an active sealant material that stays bonded to crack walls and pavement below a dormant surface that resists tracking from vehicles and pedestrians.

InteliBond helps deliver optimal consistency to allow sealants to fill cracks quickly and effectively, while also setting rapidly and reducing time to traffic.