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You are able to mix the materials from Maxwell Products. However, while we have not heard of any problems mixing our products with competitors’ products, we cannot recommend it, as we do not know the composition of competitors’ products. We recommend always asking about the products you plan to mix to get any pertinent instructions for doing so.

Direct fire melters generate spots of intense heat that break down sealants with cheaper materials. Our premium sealant, engineered with quality polymers specifically for the high temperatures of direct fire melters, NUVO Elite performs without breaking down.

We advise against it, as moisture prevents crack sealant from properly adhering to the walls of the pavement crack. This prevents both a proper bond with the crack walls, as well as a moisture-tight seal.

For all melter maintenance, please refer to your owner?s manual, or the manufacturer?s website for proper procedures and instructions.

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Application of GAP Mastic to fatigue cracking (also known as alligatored areas or spider-web cracking).
GAP Mastic Alligator Patch