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Repairing Fatigue Cracking (Alligator Cracking) with:

GAP Mastic Crack Repair

Sometimes called alligators/crocodiles (because the pattern resembles the reptile?s hide) or spider-web cracking, fatigue cracking is caused by continual traffic overload. This chicken-wire-like cracking pattern indicates a fundamental failure of the pavement construction (too thin or insufficient compaction) or materials, poor drainage, road base failure, or stripping on the bottom of the HMA layer.

For cracks greater than one inch and pavement damage of depths up to two inches, GAP Mastic is a more durable and substantial repair solution than traditional crack sealants. Economical and versatile, GAP Mastic can be applied to wide cracks, cupping, depressions, fatigue cracking (alligatored areas), small voids and potholes, and open seams.

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