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Repairing Transverse Cracking with:

Overband Crack Seal Simple Overband Crack Seal Flush Fill Crack Seal

Often caused by thermal expansion/contraction, transverse cracks run perpendicular to the pavement centerline (or laydown direction) and are not part of any pavement joints or seams. Transverse cracking may also result from a reflection crack of an underlying layer or bitumen (asphalt binder) hardening.

One of the common and cost-effective methods of sealing pavement cracks, overband crack sealing is a procedure whereby the repair crew flush-fills the crack with sealant material and shortly afterward creates a wider band of material over the top. This crack sealing method includes routing of the crack, which provides a reservoir to allow sufficient sealant to properly bond, manage movement, and deliver a superior moisture seal. Filling the crack and overbanding can be accomplished in a single pass; however, some choose to break the process into two steps to accommodate thermal shrinkage of the sealant in the widened reservoir.

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