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Repairing Block Cracking with:

Simple Overband Crack Seal Flush Fill Crack Seal Overband Crack Seal

Similar to fatigue cracking, block cracking appears as an interconnected network of square or rectangular shaped cracks. Typically caused by thermal expansion/contraction, reflection of cracking below the top layer, and poor flexibility of asphalt binder, this type of cracking often occurs over a wide area and can appear in non-traffic areas. The blocks can vary in size, with larger blocks classified as longitudinal and transverse cracking.

Occasionally referred to as a blow-and-go, due to the lack of crack preparation and routing, one of the common and cost-effective methods of sealing pavement cracks, simple overband crack sealing is a procedure whereby the repair crew concentrates their efforts on the surface of the crack, filling and overbanding simultaneously. This method of crack sealing is faster and easier than a routed overband crack seal and may bridge and not fill the crack completely from the bottom up. While simple overband crack sealing does create a moisture seal and protects the top of the crack surface from erosion and further damage, it may not last as long as a routed repair and may require a touch-up within a few years.

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