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Repairing Transverse Cracking with:

Simple Overband Crack Seal Flush Fill Crack Seal Overband Crack Seal

Often caused by thermal expansion/contraction, transverse cracks run perpendicular to the pavement centerline (or laydown direction) and are not part of any pavement joints or seams. Transverse cracking may also result from a reflection crack of an underlying layer or bitumen (asphalt binder) hardening.

Occasionally referred to as a blow-and-go, due to the lack of crack preparation and routing, one of the common and cost-effective methods of sealing pavement cracks, simple overband crack sealing is a procedure whereby the repair crew concentrates their efforts on the surface of the crack, filling and overbanding simultaneously. This method of crack sealing is faster and easier than a routed overband crack seal and may bridge and not fill the crack completely from the bottom up. While simple overband crack sealing does create a moisture seal and protects the top of the crack surface from erosion and further damage, it may not last as long as a routed repair and may require a touch-up within a few years.

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