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Repairing Slippage Cracking with:

GAP Patch Pothole Repair

Due to poor bonding between pavement layers, slippage cracking appears as crescent-shaped (half-moon) or wave-like cracking. This type of pavement displacement can be caused by poor bonding of material with an underlying layer or a low-strength surface mix and may be exacerbated by continual traffic breaking or wheel turning.

Featuring InteliBond active bonding technology and our revolutionary PolySkin meltable packaging, GAP Patch contains a unique combination of high-strength, engineered aggregates and a highly flexible, polymer-modified, thermoplastic asphalt binder. This delivers a repair that is load-bearing, wear resistant, able to move with pavement, seals out moisture, and remains securely in place. While many solutions claim to be permanent, hot-applied GAP Patch is the only one designed to greatly outperform the pavement it is replacing. That?s our definition of permanent.

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